Why Do Guys Like White Nails? 6 Surprising Reasons (2024)

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Find out why men are turned on by white nails and toes

Co-authored byBailey Cho

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There’s a viral TikTok trend claiming that guys are obsessed with white nails, but what makes them so attractive and irresistible? We’ve done some investigating to discover the hype behind this simple shade, and we’re providing the most popular reasons why guys like white nails so much. We’ll also explain what white nails symbolize and what other colors guys are into.

Things You Should Know

  • Most guys like white nails because they highlight tan skin tones and indicate that you care about your personal hygiene.
  • Some guys think white nails are a turn-on because they represent purity and innocence.
  • On TikTok, white nails tell guys that you’re single and ready for a fresh start, while white toes might suggest that you’re kinky.

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Reasons Why Guys Like White Nails

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  1. 1

    White nails highlight tan skin tones. While white is a universally flattering nail polish color, it looks especially attractive when you have a tan. Most guys love white nails because they pop beautifully against darker skin tones, and this contrast can make you appear even more sun-kissed and radiant.

    • Since white nails enhance tanned skin, most people opt for a white manicure (or pedicure) during the summer time or if they get a spray tan.
  2. 2

    They indicate you have good hygiene. Having well-groomed nails shows guys that you value your personal hygiene and appearance, which is a major turn-on.[1] White nails look particularly clean compared to other colors, and since your nails are a reflection of your overall health, some guys may look at them to see whether you take care of yourself.[2]

    • Caring for your nails also prevents infections and fungi, which can be major turn-offs for most guys.


  3. 3

    White nails may signal purity and innocence. Some guys get turned on when they see a girl wearing white nail polish because it makes her seem more “pure” or naive. For guys who prefer girls with less sexual experience, white nails are appealing because they represent the qualities they’re looking for in a partner.[3]

    • While the color white symbolizes virginity in Western culture, wearing white nail polish doesn’t reflect someone’s sexual experience (or lack of sexual experience).
    • Remember, it’s unhealthy for guys to project their fantasies onto you, and you do not need to change yourself to fit into someone else’s idea of the “perfect partner”—the right person will value you for who you are.
  4. 4

    They’re feminine and elegant. White nails appeal to lots of guys because they aren’t too bold or distracting (compared to other colors). They exude a timeless elegance that never goes out of style, and this attracts men who appreciate the natural beauty of a woman. A simple white manicure can help you create a sophisticated look and appear more ladylike.[4]

    • Wearing a French manicure (a natural base color with white tips) is especially attractive because it’s classic and understated.
  5. 5

    They’re also fresh and unique. Some guys are into white nails because they stand out from the crowd. Since most people gravitate toward nudes and other classic colors, white nails are more fun, creative, and indicate that you’re not afraid to express yourself.[5]

    • White nail art is especially intriguing because it showcases your artistic side and reveals a glimpse of your personality and taste.
  6. 6

    White nails look good with any outfit. Many guys love white nails because they’re extremely versatile. Whether you’re heading to a formal or casual event, white nails fit the mood and style of any occasion, while still looking appropriate and stylish.[6]

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What do white nails mean on TikTok?

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  1. 1

    White nails tell guys that you’re single and ready to mingle. According to TikTok, wearing white nail polish indicates that you’re ready for a fresh start, especially if you just ended a relationship. White nails are believed to represent new beginnings, so they’re a subtle sign that you’re available and interested in dating someone.[7]

  2. 2

    White toes signal that you’re single or a kinky person. Some TikTok users claim that sporting a white pedicure simply means you’re not in a relationship. But, it could also indicate that you’re a “freak”—you're always horny or have more intense sexual fantasies than the average person.[8]

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What other colors are popular with guys?

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  1. 1

    Light blue According to TikTok users, baby blue nail polish is the color every guy chooses when asked what color you should paint your nails—whether the guy is single or in a relationship. Wearing this shade of blue is also a sign that you’re taken, so many girls get light blue nails to let others know that they’re no longer available.[9]

  2. 2

    Red Coined by TikTok user @girlbosstown, the “red nail theory” is a viral concept that claims you get more male attention if you wear red nail polish. The theory suggests that men are attracted to red nails because they remind them of their mothers, especially since women in the ‘90s sported red manicures regularly. To some men, red nails might represent caregiving and unconditional love.[10]

    • The hashtag, #rednailtheory, has garnered over 165 million views on TikTok, with most users claiming there’s truth to the theory.
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      Why Do Guys Like White Nails? 6 Surprising Reasons (2024)


      Why Do Guys Like White Nails? 6 Surprising Reasons? ›

      Wondering why men like white nails on females. Men are attracted to white nails because they highlight tan skin tones, indicate good hygiene, and may symbolize purity and innocence. White nails are also seen as feminine and elegant.

      Why do men love white nails? ›

      Most guys love white nails because they pop beautifully against darker skin tones, and this contrast can make you appear even more sun-kissed and radiant. Since white nails enhance tanned skin, most people opt for a white manicure (or pedicure) during the summer time or if they get a spray tan.

      What nail color is most attractive to men? ›

      Nail design: Men like these colors

      In a representative survey, the German Paint Institute found that men generally likeblue , but also likegray , black and brown . Both sexes like green about equally, while women are more likely to like red ,yellow ,beige and orange .

      Why are white toenails a red flag? ›

      Change of color in nails: The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states that a disease can cause nails to change color. Blue nails may be due to a lack of oxygen. White nails could signal liver disease or diabetes. Pale nails could mean anemia.

      Why do girls like white nails? ›

      There are, of course, many out there who opt for white nails because it is a classic color that goes with everything, exudes subtlety and simplicity, and is well suited to professional environments. White nails are also ideal for summer, as it is a fresh, light color.

      Do guys get attracted to nails? ›

      Yes, in general. But not always! Since nail polish is a mark of femininity, most men will find women more attractive if they wear nail polish. However, most men are turned off by: fake nails, paste-on nails, extreme nail art, extremely long nails, sharp nails, or even square nails.

      Do men prefer white or red nails? ›

      A 2008 study of 27 men with a median age of 20 found that men consider women wearing red more attractive and sexually desirable.

      What nail color is best for aging hands? ›

      If you have light skin, choose shades of white, champagne, nude or sand. If you have darker toned skin, choose shades of cocoa, cappuccino, taupe or coffee. Chocolate and shades of grayish-brown are youthful and trendy, but be wary of dark browns as they can be very harsh and unforgiving.

      Do men notice your nails? ›

      Yep, believe it or not, men do tend to notice your nails. If you've got prim and clean nails it shows that you take care of yourself and your personal hygiene. And on the contrary, if they're not in good condition then he knows you need to up your game about this.

      What nail color means relationship? ›

      White nails can be used to signal your relationship status, just like red and light blue nails can. According to TikTok users, white nail polish means that you're single and open to dating someone.

      What is the white nail theory? ›

      TikTokers have noticed that single people – particularly newly single people – are more likely to paint their nails white. There's also a theory that people who wear blue nail polish tend to be in a relationship, because when you ask a man what colour you should paint your nails, they usually go with blue.

      What is white nail syndrome? ›

      Leukonychia, or white nails, is usually not an alarming sign, but it can sometimes unmask severe systemic disorders or congenital conditions. The white color can be due to nail plate or nail bed abnormalities. Differentiating between these two is essential in the classification and interpretation of leukonychia.

      Why do people love white toenails? ›

      White toenails may be considered attractive by some people for several reasons: Clean and Neat Appearance: White toenails can give the appearance of cleanliness and good hygiene, which is generally considered attractive. People often associate well-groomed nails with good personal care.

      What does a girl with white nails mean? ›

      But according to Urban Dictionary, white nails mean someone is "ready to move on to have a fresh start". In contrast, light or baby blue nails signifies that you're taken.

      What is the psychology of white nails? ›

      White has always represented purity and innocence, qualities a single woman may be trying to project. Even more than representing singlehood, white nails are said to represent availability (which is very different than just being single).

      What do white nails tell you? ›

      White nails, also known as leukonychia, describes fingernails that are partially or completely white in color. The white color could be the result of several things such as trauma, anemia, dietary deficiencies, heart or kidney disease, or even poisoning.

      Why do guys paint one nail white? ›

      The Gist: Painting one fingernail is meant to raise awareness about violence against children. One in five children faces sexual violence.

      What does telling a girl to get white nails mean? ›

      Apparently, white nail polish suggests that the person is single and available. The light blue nail polish theory came from the idea that when a girl asks her boyfriend what color to paint her nails, the guy usually says "light blue”.

      Does nail polish attract men? ›

      This theory has been around for years, and has been backed up by scientific studies. One study found that men were more likely to rate a woman as attractive if she was wearing red nail polish. The study also found that men were more likely to approach a woman who was wearing red nail polish.

      Do guys care about nail color? ›

      Not only do men love wearing polish themselves, they love seeing a multitude of colors on other people. It is important to note that this is not true for every guy. Some guys may not be into wearing more than a clear gloss, but others may gravitate towards a bright nail polish.

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