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Chapter 2

January 18th, 2005, The Conolly’s Residence

After an early morning shower, the young buck stood in front of the mirror drying his face with a towel. He feels exceedingly nervous, it's his first day of school starting mid-term at Forks High School, Home of the Spartans. Throughout these past two years, he has been home schooled by private tutors. He has been asking his parents to attend school before graduation, whether it was private or public school. Of course, they are incredibly supportive, but they are also fidgety about this idea for one purpose.


‘It’s time.’ He thought.

Reaching over the medicine cabinets, he pulls out his prescription pills and goes ahead to take three. Two years ago, he was told he was involved in a major vehicle accident that caused him to have amnesia. Not a single memory of his childhood and pre-teens. He is also diagnosed with angina; chest pains that happen when the heart isn't receiving enough oxygen-rich blood. He needs to take three pills every four hours, if not; He will feel like squeezing, pressure, heaviness, tightness, or pain in the chest. However, angina only occurs when Desmond’s heartbeat exceeds the maximum of 175bpm.

“Desmond! Your breakfast is ready, come on down.” A woman's voice yelled from downstairs.

“I’ll be down in minute!” Desmond shouted back. He straightened his hair and brushed his teeth. Desmond walked out of the bathroom as he entered his room. He picked out his choice of outfit for his first day; a thin grey hoodie, black winter trucker coat, navy blue jeans, and copper burnt boots.

Once he was done, he grabbed his backpack and left his room. He maneuvered his way through the hallway from the U-Haul boxes that were left unpacked. He and his parents moved to a nearby village near Forks, Washington about two days ago; they moved from Ontario, Canada.

Desmond walked downstairs and entered the kitchen where two people were waiting for him at the dining table. A man sat in a chair while reading a newspaper while a woman stood near him placing a plate of breakfast. They are in their late thirties, and both are Caucasian. The woman stood over 5’-6”, rectangle face shape, dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, slender, and thin lips.

“Finally, your breakfast is still warm. It’s your favorite!” The woman’s soft voice said as she smiled lovingly at him. She places a full plate of pancakes, three slices of bacon, and scrambled eggs. Desmond smiles at her appreciatively as he sits and begins to dig in.

“Thank you, Evelyn! They do taste delicious.” He replies sweetly, but Evelyn looks at him with a painful expression.

“Desmond... It’s okay to call me Mom, we’ve talked about this.” Evelyn said as she reached gently tilting his chin up.

“I haven’t comprehended any memory before my accident.” Desmond smiles sadly at them. “I know you two means well, but I just don't feel it’s right.”

“Hey sport, it’s okay. If it makes you feel better, you can call me anything you want except Dad!” The man said with happy shrug while stuffing pancakes into his mouth.

“Goerge!” Evelyn chided him as she put her hands on her hips.

“What? If the boy isn’t comfortable with calling us Mom or Dad and still respectfully appreciated for us, then it’s fine in my book.” Goerge smiled and nodded to him. Desmond is grateful for Goerge sticking out for him whenever his wife wants it her way.

Evelyn puffs on annoyance. “Well finish up boys or you're going to be late Desmond.” Desmond and George went ahead to finish their breakfast meals. Goerge stood up around 6’-4”, oval shape head, short black hair, and stocky.

“Alright sport, wait for me by the living room. I’ll be taking you to school. Just let me find those damn keys I keep forgetting.” Desmond nodded as he sat down near the couch while Goerge left to retrieve the truck keys from upstairs.

After the vehicle accident, Desmond only remembers waking up in Thunder Bay General Hospital with amnesia and angina. The only two people who were waiting for him near his bed was Goerge and Evelyn; claiming to be his parents. Taking him under their wing for two years and they decided to move to Forks, Washington.

Desmond is skeptical of this whole ordeal with these two being his parents. It’s not because he has a bad feeling about them or thinks of them maliciously. It's because he has no memory of anybody or anyone in general from his past. He feels confused, but also mentally frustrated. It is like you've woken up not knowing who you are? Why are you here? What is your purpose in this world?

So far, Goerge and Evelyn have been good to him and have never mistreated him. They hired the best private school tutors and physical therapists to get him back to his feet. For now, he must live through with them daily.

“Alright let’s get this show on the road!” Goerge returned as he took the lead towards the front door. Desmond smiled as he got up to follow him outside, only to abruptly stop when he noticed the skies were dark as rain began pouring in. The icy water and breezy air touched his skin. It some ordinary way, he relishes this feeling like it was destined for him.


“Come on kiddo, or you’re going to be late for school.” Goerge yelled him from inside his 73’ Ford Bronco. Desmond nodded as he pulled his hoodie over his head. He looks over there now moved in two story cabin home. The first floor lays the living room, dining room, kitchen, and half bathroom while on the second floor there are three bedrooms with one full bath.

Once they finally got on the road as they headed East of Loop 110, Desmond took this opportunity to view the scenery around him. Many folks just find it uninterested, or plain simple Douglas fir trees surrounding the area of Forks. However, that is not the case with Desmond, as he feels a connection to this whole place.

“Finally, to be out the house?” George happily asked.

“You have no idea...” Desmond murmured.

“How do you feel?”

“Excited! But nervous.” Desmond was anxious about school. He feels that he won’t be making any friends, or they’ll outcast him.

“Ah... You'll be fine, think of it as your first day.” Goerge suggested, he’s always been positive for Desmond.

“Speaking of school...” Desmond began as he looks over at Goerge. “Have you and Evelyn at least considered putting me into sports or any school activity?”

Goerge heavenly sight. “Desmond... you know why we can't do that. I would really want you to experience that teen's life, but you know-”

“My condition, yeah I know...” Desmond sight in defeat. He deflated into the seat as he groaned in frustration. If it wasn’t for this angina condition, he would’ve been more outgoing and venture in the world. Evelyn can be rigorous about this as she is overly protective of him.

Goerge sighs. “We just want what's best for you, okay?” He patted over Desmond’s shoulder.

“Okay...” Desmond whispered. He took out his headphones and started listening to music from his iPod Nano. Now falling complete silence in the vehicle, the only sound was the rain poured on the roof and the windshield of the truck. Goerge slowed the vehicle as they were coming up an intersection. He turned right towards the South of the US. 101. Goerge cautiously drives through an iron bridge that crosses the Calawah River. Desmond’s eyes gaze forward of the road as the corner of his lips tilt upwards of a familiar sign.

The City of Forks Welcomes You

Forks High School - Desmond Conolly’s POV

We finally reached our destination as Goerge parked the truck on front of the school with the other parents dropping off their children. Many students began rushing into the main building due to the nonstop rain. I gripped the handle of my backpack as I reached the truck’s door handle, ready to begin mid-term.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Hold on second.” Goerge said, reaching over the glove compartment. He pulls out a small black box and a blue see through like pill bottle. “This is not considerate your graduation gift, but you’ll thank us.” He hands it over to me. I inspect the blue pill bottle first as shook its pills inside, looking Goerge questionably.

“It’s still Nitroglycerin.” George informed with a smile. Of course, I wasn’t buying as I frowned at him and tilted my head.

I opened the bottle and took one pill to inspect it further. They sure do look a lot bigger than the earlier pills I have taken and have a strong iron-like smell.

“Trust me, it will a lot stronger and it’s more effective.”

“When were you and Evelyn were going to inform me about this?” I asked, keeping my voice calm. I didn’t like them making last minute decisions without letting me know first. I feel like I am being kept in the dark and being treated like a toddler with a fragile sticker on my back. It irritates me and boils to the core of my anger.

“Since this past Sunday.” Goerge happily shrugged. “Come on Desmond, you know how very protective Evelyn is of you. I’m just trying to make sure you both are equally pleased, that’s all.”

‘More like you're trying to please her first before she’ll release her wrath on to you’. I thought.

I know Goerge wants what’s best for everyone, but in truth like any other relationship there is only one who gets to wear the pants, that’s Evelyn. I have seen her get into intense arguments with Goerge and she always comes on top. I then moved on to open the box and reveal a silver digital watch.

“Oh... a watch?” I asked.

“Not just any digital watch, Look!” Goerge grasped the watch and wrapped around my left wrist. The screen lit up and showed the time and date, but it also showed my heartbeat rate, 98bpm. I raised my eyebrows and stared at Goerge with an impressed look on my face.

“This is actually pretty cool!” I spoke.

“It’s already set to let you know when to take your pills in case you forget or are busy at any moment in time. It will also warn you when you exceed your maximum heart rate when you're doing activity, that way you’ll have to prevent from a heart attack.” Goerge said.

“I’ve never thought you think of me that low, Goerge.” I spoke in an accusing tone. Goerge eyes widened as he raised his hands in a surrendering gesture.

“No! I never thought of you being dumb or-”

“I’m just f*cking with you, Goerge.” I laughed, covering my face with both hands to seize my snickering. “You should have seen your face!”

“Oh... Right.” Goerge nervously laughed while rubbing his hand over his neck. “Oh sh*t! I almost forgot; it also holds tracking GPS in case no one’s around to help you when you're having a heart attack, so we’ll find you.”

‘You’ve got to be f*cking kidding me!’ I thought while puffing out air in annoyance. I stared back at him, irritated with that toothy grin he had on his face. I feel like I haven’t got out of that house a moment of freedom. More like I got out of the house with leash around my neck, a long ass leash.

“I guess this is considered my graduation gift, uh?” I spoke through my clenched teeth while forcing a smile.

Goerge chuckled. “No, your graduation gift we’ll be ready after school today, I promise.” I slightly frowned at him suspiciously, I wasn’t looking forward to continuing his games. “Come on, don’t look at me like that. You won’t be disappointed.”

I rolled my eyes. “Alright, well thank you anyway. I got to go, see you after school.” I reached to the door handle and pushed the door open.

The rain and cold breeze once again welcomed me, feeling like it was a reminder or holding nostalgia in my life. Even though, I am still being watched by Evelyn and Goerge, I can feel what is freedom in my end.

“Go break a leg!” Goerge shouted as he drove off. I continued at a normal pace into the front entrance of the building. Unlike the other students who ran inside, I didn’t mind getting a little wet. Once inside, I didn’t dare to remove my hoodie, I detest being placed in the center of attention. Especially, when a new student is attending mid-term in a small town.

I walked into the front office and was greeted with a kind smile by a woman, who was around her sixties. She’s large with red hair and wears glasses.

“Well, hello there young man, what I can help you with this fine morning?” She said, her brown eyes sparkled with interest.

“Hello, madam, today is my first day of school. I’m Desmond Conolly.” I gave her a warm smile. It’s always good to be charming and friendly with the school staff on your first day.

“Oh! Of course, you must be the second new student who’s attending.” The women happily said as she extended her hand to me. “Welcome to Forks High School, Home of the Spartans! I am Mrs. Shelly Cope, I’m the Administrative Secretary of this school. If there is anything you need, it would be my pleasure to help you.”

‘I didn’t know there was another student who’s attending the same day as me.’ I thought.

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Cope.” I shook her hand

“Like wise! Now, allow me to get your schedule... Juts give a minute.” Mrs. Cope walked over to the cabinet file and searched through my name. Sometimes I would catch her stealing glances towards me.

‘I hope she is not fantasizing anything romantic directly to me?’ I thought as I grimaced the idea an older woman would be having such thoughts to a student.

“Here’s your 11th grade class schedule, syllabus, and a map of the entire school campus.” Mrs. Cope handed me over the papers. I inspected my schedule with enthusiasm as I wanted to check which classes I would be attending.

English - Mr. Mason - BLD. 3

Trigonometry - Mr. Jefferson - BLD. 6

Calculus - Mr. Varner - BLD. 5

Spanish - Mrs. Goff - BLD. 7


Biology - Mr. Molina - BLD. 2

Gym - Coach Clapp – GYM

‘Gym?! This can’t be right.’ I shockingly thought.

“Mrs. Cope, there’s been a mistake.”

“Yes, dear?”

“I have Gym class, but my guardians must have already informed the administrative school that I have a condition. I can’t be doing any activity or exceed my heartbeat more than a 175bpm.” I presented her the schedule.

“Oh, no worries, dear. Coach Clapp was already informed about your health condition and vowed he won’t be forcing you to do any exercise activity. He’ll most likely make you help him pick up any gym equipment without putting too much stress over you.” Mrs. Cope happily explains it.

“Okay then, thank you!” I said in relief.

“You're welcome, sweety, have a wonderful first day.” She waved at me.

I waved back at her as I made my way back to the hallway, joining with the rest of the students. Some of them were gazing up at me with curiosity and some were whispering within themselves. It’s this reason I refuse to remove my hoodie, I feel a little uneasy to have the center of attention. However, I predict I'm not the only one who will be receiving the ovation of audience in this small town.

‘I wonder who’s the other student?’ I thought as I pulled out the map of the school to read it. Some buildings are separated instead of the rest of the campus being connected, with the exception there is a courtyard in the center right next to the school’s cafeteria connecting BLD. 2 and BLD. 7. My curiosity got the best of me to go to the courtyard since I still have time to explore a little, just to get familiar with the school layout.

Once stepping outside, I gazed out into the courtyard as if it was like any other school, you would be attending. It’s an open space with benches, tables, and trees. Along with a path that goes around the yard with a steel structure shed and the buildings are connected to this path. Thankfully, the heavy rain ceases to sprinkle. I continued looking over the map while walking and began labeling which buildings belong to my mind. While walking blindly, I accidentally ran into a young girl as she stumbled on her feet for balance. Ready to hit the ground.

“Whoa! Hey!!” She yelped in surprise as I quickly grabbed hold of her arm before she’ll land on the floor. Her books and papers scattered around our feet.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention where I was walking.” I apologize profusely as I gently straighten her posture. She looks about average height standing around 5’-6” and has thick long brown hair. Her chocolate brown eyes gazed at me with intrigue. She stood there without saying a word to which I grew concerned.

“Are you okay?” I asked. She blinked while softly nodding her head and smiled at me.

“I-I am, thank you! It wasn’t your fault either. I was also not paying attention and I can be very clumsy.” She said while looking down and playing with her hair nervously. She kneeled to pick up her papers and book.

“No please, allow me.” I said as joined to help her gather her papers. I’ve noticed she also has a syllabus along with the map of the school. ‘So, she’s the other new student.’

“So, your also new too?!” she asked with her eyebrows raised. I looked at her baffled as I handed her papers and book back. She beats me to the question I was about to ask of her.

“How did you-” I abruptly stopped when she pointed her finger at me. I followed the direction she was pointed at to which it was my left hand, holding my own syllabus with the map.

‘Of course, you idiot!’ I rolled my eyes and smiled at her.

“Yeah, I’m new and so are you.” I spoke in a statement as we both stood up.

“Yeah, today is my first day, Great!” She said in a sarcastic tone that I picked up. She pushed her hand out to me.

“I’m Isabella Marie Swan, but I go by Bella.”

“I’m Desmond Conolly, but you can call me Dez.” I shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Dez.” She said with a smile.

“Like wise, so you're also studying the map?” I asked.

“Yeah, this school is so different compared to my previous school.” Bella said as she sees her surroundings of the campus then back at the map.

“Well... I can’t say the same thing since I can’t remember my earlier schools.” I said with a low tone with sadness and Bella did notice that.

“Hey, so what’s your schedule?” She asked with a warm smile, knowing she wanted to change the subject to which I appreciated.

“Well...” I handed her my schedule. She took it to evaluate it for a sec before her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Hey! You have the exact same schedule as I do.” She showed both papers in comparison to me, I can confirm she’s right.

“Look at that! What a coincidence!” I exclaimed with my hands up, Bella chuckled.

“I guess we should find our classes together, what do you say?” Bella entreats me with the kindest smile. I won’t lie, she is an exceptionally beautiful young lady and has never shown any disrespect or malice. ‘How can I say no to that offer?’

“I would be delight-”

“Hi! Your Isabella Swan, right?” Suddenly, A young stud stood between me and Bella. “I’m Eric Yorkie, the eyes and ears of this place.”

Bella at first blinked in surprise followed then frowning at this stranger for rudely interjecting himself between us. Eric has his back facing me as he focuses more on Bella, almost like I don’t exist in his world.

“Anything you need? Tour Guide? Lunch Date?... Shoulder to cry on?”

‘What the f*ck?’ I frowned.

There’s no way any teen would approach a girl just like that. This Eric guy might have seen too many cliche teen movies or comic books to have the confidence to approach Bella like that, speaking of her. I looked at her over Eric’s shoulder and she seemed perplexed by his offer.


“Actually, we’ll be happy to take the tour guide if you don’t mind, Eric?” I quickly interjected, keeping my voice calm. Eric slowly turns around to face me with puzzlement.

“I’m sorry, but who the hell are you?” Eric asked while pointing his finger.

“My apologies, where are my manners? Desmond Connoly, I’m also new here.” I offered my hand to him.

“Oh right, you're the second one who we expected.” Eric said flatly without shaking my hand.

‘You little sh*thead!’ I mentally thought while slightly frowning at him. Bella also seems to be bothered by his behavior towards me. She crossed her arms over her chest while giving him a scowl look.

“Well, sorry to break it to you, but maybe you...” Eric points his thumb towards Bella. “...and her, don’t have the same class schedule. So... I can't help you with that.” Eric shrugs with a slightly toothy grin.

“You’re in luck Eric Boy, because Bella and I do have the exact same schedule.”

I presented him with my paper with pride as Bella also showed her paper to Eric with a smirk. Eric’s once toothy grin slowly faded away into pitifulness. He looked back and forth at both papers, making it appear as if he was making sure he wasn’t insane.

“Well... I guess you are right.”

“Of course, now how about that tour guide?” I asked.

“Yeah... sure.” Eric mumbled. “Actually, that would be perfect for the headline. ‘Two Outsiders with Same Schedules, Who Are They?” Eric said with wonder while raising his hand. Bella and I looked at each other with confusion before turning back at him.

“Sorry, I run the school’s paper.”

My eyes widened as I felt my mind felt a short circuit at the realization that this son of a bitch runs the editorial school paper. It’s no wonder he speaks very funny, everything he sees is a like film he watched for the first time and is reporting it like news. If he runs this paper with that horrible headline, I will have to deal with an enormous audience within weeks.

“Don’t! I prefer to be left in the shadows where no one would dare to reach...”

“... and I’m really kind of the more suffer-in-silence type!” Bella chimed in.

Bella’s face almost looks mortified as she also doesn’t want to get any attention from this school. Bella did say that this school is vastly different from her earlier school. Indicating she might have moved here to Forks, Washington, from a different out of town. Perhaps she might have already got people’s interest when she moved into town. ‘I wonder what’s her story?’

“Whoa! Whoa! Chillax, I get it, no feature.” Eric raised his hands in a surrendering motion.

“Thanks!” Bella and I said in unison. We looked at each other stunningly then laughed it off. Eric was staring daggers at me, a hint of jealousy.

“Alright!” Eric clapped his hand together. “Shall we M’lady...”

“Take the lead, we’ll be right behind you.” Bella suggested.

“Oh... Okay then, we still have time so let me show you around first.”

Eric decided to give in and began walking while we followed behind. He started rambling about the school’s history and then boasted about himself being the lead editorial of the school’s newspaper.

Eric The Geek Creep Strikes! should todays feature.” I lowly mumbled to myself. Thankfully, Eric didn’t hear me, but Bella did as she stiffed a laugh. She looked at me with gleeful eyes and mouthed to shut up before smiling at me. I gave her an innocent grin and shrug my shoulders.

Eric was able to show us which of the buildings belonged to each of our class. He also was kind enough to show us our assigned lockers, well mostly in favor of Bella. Throughout the tour, Eric talked to her the whole time while continuing to ignore me. Honestly, I really don’t care as I let the poor soul go head over heels at Bella, which she wasn’t interested in him at all.

I opened the locker to place my school supplies just to ease my backpack’s weight, Bella’s locker was two lockers away from mine. Eric continued to talk to her while she stood near her locker looking vexed. She looks over to me with pleading eyes while her jaw’s muscles clenched with tense. I nodded while closing my locker and walked over to them.

“Ahem! Well Eric Boy, we appreciate your guidance, but Bella and I must go to our first period. Thank You!” I spoke. I placed the palm of my hand on her back and gently guided her away from Eric.

“Whoa! Hold your horses, cowboy!” Eric blocked our way. “I also happened to have first period with you two, so shall we go?” We didn’t have the chance to respond as he walked away but stopped to check on us before waving to follow him. Bella and I softly groaned as we continued with the guidance boy.

Our first period is English with Mr. Mason. Usually, English is not my favorite subject to take in class, it isn’t because I find exceedingly difficult or boredom. It’s because there isn’t anything new to bring or inspire other students to draft a short story or novel. Soon, most authors will either write the same theme, their own version, from what others have achieved or plagiarized it with no creativity. Either way, today’s youngsters will not be interested in writing but either party or sex.

“Mr. Mason!” Eric calls over a tall man with balding hair.

“May I present you, Bella Swan and Dick co*ckster.” Eric snickered.


“Desmond! His name is Desmond Conolly.” Bella glowers at him, Eric’s grin deflates and looks away at once.

“Ahem! Thank you, Mr. Yorkie, you may take your seat next to Mr. Newton.” Mr. Mason said.

Eric slowly takes his seat in front of the class next to a blonde baby face boy. Mr. Mason walks up to us with confidence and a warm welcoming smile.

“Good morning, I am Mr. Mason, and it will be my honor to have you in my class. Now, before you both hand me your syllabus, answer me this question.” He looks out the windows. “What does this mean?”

“I’m sorry?” I asked in bewildered.

“The rain, what does it mean?”

Bella and I looked out the window and soon realized it had started to rain lightly. I understood what he meant, and looking over at Bella, her eyes also seemed to comprehend it.

“Usually, my student just answers with a ‘just simple rain of nature’, but I disagree. Miss Swan, what do you see?” Mr. Mason asked passionately.

“I see it symbolizes sadness, loss, and despair.” I can see Bella’s eyes in pain. My eyebrows surprisingly rose as I’ve never thought this innocent looking girl to be holding such dark clouded shadow over her head. ‘Is she depressed?’

“This very commonly used in Willliam Shakespear or J.R.R. Tolkien.” She continued; a hum escaped from Mr. Mason’s lips.

“Mr. Conolly?”

“It symbolizes life, growth, and renewal. It’s like Mother Nature’s tears pouring down on the ground’s soil to give life a second chance. It is Hopefulness.” I spoke with deep passion as I looked at Bella. She returns her gaze at me with an amazed look, captivated by my words.

“Excellent! I am profoundly grateful to have you both in my class. Two students who have the passion of the true meaning of literature in their minds. Please, hand me over your papers.” Mr. Mason signed our papers and handed them over to us.

“Please, both of you, take a seat on the back as I’m about to start class. Oh! Here are your textbooks.”

We happily took our textbooks as we made our way to the table in the back near the window. I looked over at Eric's flabbergasted face, happily grinned at him and mouthed f*ck you. The baby face blonde kid saw it and barked in laughter, in return Eric scowls at him and smacks his arm.

“Alright class, settle down. Please, turned to page-”

“Hey?” Bella whispered as we sat at the last table and leaning close to me while Mr. Mason continued his lecture. “Just wanted to say that was incredibly beautiful what you said back there.”

“Well... I really meant it. I do believe there are second chances in life.” I spoke with serenity.

“I’m sorry if my response sounded dark, but that’s just how a lot of authors use the rain when they used it in a character’s death.” Bellas said.

“No, I assume you're into a lot of literature. Your book lover?” I asked.

“Yup, that’s my passion. I’m not good at anything else, so I'm just a typical boring girl, yay.” She sadly said and hid her face with her hair while looking down at her textbook.

“If that was the case... I wouldn’t be here by now.” I answered.

“Y-You wouldn’t?” She asked in a disbelief tone.

“Nope! I would have sat next to Eric The Geek Creep just to f*ck around with him throughout the period until he finally explodes.”

Bella cackles loudly enough for the whole class to cease and turn their attention to them. I’m glad Mr. Mason hasn't told me to remove my hoodie or else I would have grown uneasy with the number of stares.

“Ahem! Mr. Conolly, Miss Swan, please pay attention!”

“Apologies, Mr. Mason, it won’t happened again.” I sincerely said.

“Okay, everyone let’s continue-”

“He’s giving you the dirty look.” Bella whispered.

I raised my eyebrows. “Who?” She narrows her eyes in the direction where Eric is sitting, he stares daggers at me before looking at Mr. Mason.

“Aww, he’ll be fine.”

“Careful, he may be a geek, but he can already plot something evil against.” She playfully smirked.

“Twenty bucks, says he will pull out a white fur cat under his desk and petted, what do you say?” I happily smirked.

“Not a chance!” Bella chuckles.

“Let’s be quite and focus before we get sent to the principal's office on our first day.” I suggested.

Bella happily nodded before letting me know which page we are on. I glanced up at Eric who he continued giving a side glance. ‘Looks like I have created an enemy.’

So far, Bella’s behavior and purpose to be here has caught my interest. I’ve narrowed it down so far that she doesn’t seem fond of coming to this school, especially starting mid-term. The suffering-in-silence type, that’s what Bellas said before. I’m not sure if that was sarcasm or speaking from the bottom of her soul. Yet, Bella has a reason to be here at Forks; ‘Was it a sacrifice decision she made? Was she forced to move in here with her parents? Did a family member die and moved here to mourn?’

The bell finally rang, all the students stood up from their chairs and gathered their things to prepare for the next period. Bella and I decided to wait patiently for all students to leave class first. Once it was clear, we both then walked out of the class only to be waited for by Eric and his friend outside the hall, Newton, I believe that was his last name.

“Hey Bella, do you want me to take you to your next class?” He asked.

“No! I believe we can manage on our own, thank you, come on Dez.” She grabbed my wrist firmly and gently pulled me away from the duo while softly smiling. Newton barked in laughter.

“Oh! You finally got screwed in the end, Eric!” He mocked.

“Shut up, Mike!” Eric hissed in annoyance.

It took a while for Bella to finally loosen her grip on my wrist while walking to building six. She smiled sheepishly and fiddled with her hair while looking flushed down on the floor. It’s my first day of school and I have already made a friend, a wonderful friend.

“Hey, do you want to put these English literatures into our lockers? We still have time.” She suggested.

“Yeah, sure, why not.”

“Okay then, let’s go.”

When we arrived at our lockers, I opened mine and placed the textbook inside. Unexpectedly, I felt an impact force on my left shoulder, pushing me a little further into my locker. I snapped to the direction over to the culprit, a tall lean young man with honey blonder hair continued to walk away quickly without looking back.

“My apologies, partner!” The young man called out, still without looking at me, a hint of southern accent. He also seemed to be looking for someone but couldn’t get a clear view of people’s faces as most of them had hats or hoodies over their heads.

“Are you okay?” Bella worriedly asked as she came over and placed her hand on my shoulder to massage it.

“Yeah, I’m good. At least he apologized.”

“That still no excuse to be pushing people around!” She retorted as she continued to massage my shoulder. “Does your shoulder hurt?”

“No...” I answered honestly but come to think of it. When he bumped into me, his body felt almost hard with coldness on the edge. Even though we both are wearing layers of clothes, I still felt the chilliness coming from him.

Bella ceases her massages, I smiled appreciably at her, but I turned back to where the stranger disappeared into the crowd. The first bell rang, and the crowd began to disperse in their second period.

“Let’s go, before we’re late.” I told her as I closed my locker door and headed to building six.

Our second period is Government with Mr. Jefferson. Somehow, his name sounds familiar to me. I don't know why, but I find it very chucklesome. ‘Why could that be?’ Then, it finally registered into my brain as I stiffed my laughter.

“What is it?” Bella curiously asked.

“Nothing, I simply better not expect this teacher to be wearing Peter Pan’s costume with a fake mustache and moonwalking.” I said while chuckling.

Bella looked a little bemused. “Bah!”

“It’s from South Park, last year’s season on episode six, If I’m correct.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not into animated sitcom shows.”

“You're missing out! A good laugh is always healthy for your body, even it was dark joke.”

“Oh, so that’s where you get your humor?” She asks.

“Maybe...” I playfully mumbled. Bella once again rolled her eyes and continued to class.

When we arrived at class, I was disappointed that Mr. Jefferson looked like any other average teacher you expect from High School; stocky with a hairless head. He was kind enough to sign our papers and assigned us chairs to the back.

Mike Newton was already sitting at his desk and to my relief he was talking with another student instead of Eric. He was tall with a tanner and has an athletic build with brown hair and brown eyes. Mike notices our presence as he smiles and waves at us. Bella and I returned the gesture as we walked by his desk.

However, unbeknown to Bella, his friend’s eyes laid on to Bella’s rear in a deviant behavior, biting his bottom lip. I stared at him with a deathly look in my eyes. Mike realizes this and elbows his friend’s rib cage.

“Ow! Dude, What the f*ck-”

“Tyler, knock it off! You are making it obvious you horn dog!” Mike whispered to him.

The now known as, Tyler, shrugged in annoyance. “What! It's not like you have been having similar thoughts with the basketball cheerleader’s when we play.”

I sighed as I pressed on to sit right next to Bella who happens to be staring at the little commotion.

“What the hell happened?” she asked in a hushed tone.

“Mike’s friend, Tyler, was staring at your ass.” I flatly answered her.

Bella scoffed in disgust. “Eww! f*cking sleazeball.”

I nodded in agreement. Throughout the class, Tyler kept glancing towards Bella with a smirk on his face. She frowned at him whenever she caught him staring. The subject of Government wasn’t anyone’s favorite subject in this class, that goes with me and Bella as weel. The bell rang finally rang and everyone stood to leave for our next class. Mike had to drag Tyler away from approaching Bella, but she’s not fond of being introduced to this perv.

While heading to our next class at the end of the hall. A small pixie girl with pale skin was smoothly pushing through the crowd with pace, looking for someone.

“Hey! Watch where you are going, Cullen?!” One of the students called out.

“Sorry...” The pixie girl sang.

Earlier, the other stud who bumped into my shoulder was also looking for someone. ‘Is she looking for that blonde guy?’ Bella gently pulled me to stop, I raised my eyes brows in question.

“We’re here.” She spoke, pointing her thumb to the classroom for Trigonometry.

“Oh... right.”

I scratched my head out of embarrassment. When we entered the class, the atmosphere felt dull and intense. Most of the students were already sitting down and opening their textbooks or notebooks.

“Ah, you must be Mr. Conolly and Miss Swan?” A man entered the room. He was average height, a bit overweight and had grey hair. His face is already labeled with abide and authority.

Deep down my gut wrenched as I knew this class was not going to be fond memories to remember. The second bell rang as it was time to begin class, some students rushed in to take their seats.

“Hand me your syllabus, now.” He sternly commanded. Bella and I looked utterly shocked, but we obliged. The men took our papers and began signing them. At this moment, a tiny girl with dark curly hair just entered the classroom out of breath.

“Miss Stanley! Let this be the first and final warning to come into my class late, young lady!” The man scolded her.

“Yes, Mr. Varner, it won’t happened again.” The girl franticly said as she rushed to take her seat in the center of the class. Mr. Varner stared at her with a dark look this whole time, but stopped as he handed our papers back. We then walked over to take our sea-

“Oh no! In my class, you don’t get to pick your own seats.” Mr. Varner pointed his finger down on the floor near his desk. “First, you're going to introduced yourselves to me and the class.”

Bella and I exchanged looks with annoyance. We moved in front of the classroom.

“Hi, I-I'm Bella Sw-.”

“No! Your full name, young lady.” Mr. Varner scolded.

I gritted my teeth in anger with heavy breathing. I know there are some teachers with an iron fist, but a heart of gold. However, in this case, Mr. Varner is with an iron fist with a heart of egocentric cross with narcissistic.

Bella slowly sighs. “I’m Isabella Marie Swan.”

“Good! Much better...” He narrowed his eyes to me. “... and you, young-”

“Hello everyone, the name’s Desmond Conolly. I'm positive we will have a wonderful time and get along fine.” I gazed at Mr. Varner with a grin. “Especially, when we have to deal with the elephant in the room, if he can get his head out of his ass.”

A couple of people shockingly gasped and others snickered. Bella snapped her head at me, her eyes widened, and jaw dropped. Mr. Varner’s eyes widened in anger, and he looked at the class as each ceased into silence.

“Well, looks like I have a smart-ass in my class. Congratulations, Mr. Conolly, you’ll be sent to the principal's office!” Mr. Varner approached me. “...and for your information, Mr. Conolly, I won’t allow any students to wear hoodies in my class!” He presses forward, reaching to pull my hoodie.

At this instant, I felt something in my instincts to course action in defense. I quickly reached and grabbed hold of his wrist before letting his fingertips touch my hoodie. Mr. Varner let out a wail as he franticly tried to pull away. Staring deathly into his eyes, I feel I can see through him.

“Mr. Conolly! Let go at this instant!” He panicked.

“No! First, you are never allowed to lay your hands on any student or me. Second, stop being a hard ass to everyone. We are here to learn, not deal with whatever problems your having, leaved it out the door.” I leaned close to him. “Third and final, I am not going anywhere. Is. That. Clear. Mr. Varner?” I slowly hissed in threating.

Mr. Varner at once stopped struggling and stared dazed at me. His eyes seemed to relax, and he nodded.

“Yes, Mr. Conolly, I understand.” He said in a calm voice. I blinked multiple times as I released his hand and shook my head in disbelief.

‘Where the f*ck did the come from?!’ I thought, gazing up at the rest of the class, everyone had a flabbergasted look on their faces, including Bella.

“Please, Miss Swan, take a seat with Miss Stanley.” He said with a calm tone. “Mr. Conolly, you can sit wherever you like.”

Bella’s eyes widened furthermore as she slowly made her way to sit the dark curly, Stanley, who looked astounded. I slowly made my way to the back, due to being the only chair available. I could feel all eyes from the back of my head. I don’t know why I did that? I’ve felt something else took control of me, almost it was destined for me.


Feeling the digital watch buzzing, I at once snoozed it out. Strange, it's not my time to take the medicine as I still have an hour or so. I looked at the screen and my eyes widened as it read 165bpm.

I placed my hand over my chest to feel my heart rapidly beating, but thankfully I didn’t feel pain. Taking slowly deep breaths and it soon started to drop below 100bpm. However, my throat was beginning to sore, almost burning sensation.

‘That’s new!’

“Alright class let’s continue in today’s lesson-” Mr. Varner resumed and acted normally as if nothing had happened earlier. All the students exchanged looks of disbelief and shock. They then looked back at me as if I’m some kind of alien who just happened to crash into their classroom.

‘Great! Something that I have been trying to avoid.’

I closed my eyes for a second, before I sensed something being thrown in my way. I reached to catch a lightweight object on the palm of my hands. Slowly opening my eyes and looked at the object as a crumpled paper ball.

‘There it is again! I didn’t see it coming, but my mind and senses kicked in! What is going on with me?’

I looked at the individual who threw it, it was Bella, she mouthed to open it now. I obliged and uncrumpled the paper to read it.

What the f*ck, Dez?!

How did you do that?

Do you have any idea how much trouble you can get?

Letting out a sigh. How am I going to answer her questions when I don't have the answers? Bella is probably going to think of me as a freak and will probably stop talking to me. Hell, she doesn’t even know I have a condition. Throughout the period, everyone kept glancing at me while Mr. Varner continued the lesson. When the bell rang, Bella was the first one up and approached me with haste.

“We need to talk!” She whispered, grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room.

“Have a wonderful day Mr. Conolly and Miss Swan!” Mr. Varner called out to us as we walked further through the crowd in haste, heading to our fourth period.

“Dez, what the hell happened back there?!” Bella asked in amazement.


“Did you have like telekinesis, or something?” She continued.

“I have no idea what came over to me. I just saw red when he was being an asshole to you, I felt something inside of me has awakened.” I explained.

“What! Like you have been spiritually awakened, or something?” She asked.

“Something like that...”

Bella chuckled. “So, you were angry because he was being an ass to me?”

“Yeah... He was being disrespectful too and I felt the need to protect you.” Bella smiled widely at my answer.

“Well, whatever you did, you made him an un-asshole which made my day.” Bella smiled at me while continuing to walk, unknown to her, she slammed into a tall girl with light brown hair with streaks of honey. Bella didn’t stumble again as I managed to keep a firm grip on her arm, but in the corner of my eye the girl dropped something in possession.

“No! My camera!” The tall girl exclaimed in horror, but I quickly caught it before hitting the tile floor. I examined it first for any damages, to which they were none, and handed her silver Lumix camera roll to her with gentle.

“Wow! Smooth skillz, thank you!” She happily said with relief.

“No problem.” I spoke.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention.” Bella profusely apologized.

“It’s okay, at least it didn’t get the chance to break.” She waved off. “I’m Angela Weber.” She extends her hand.

“I’m Desmond.” I shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you, kind sir!”

“H-Hi, I’m Bella.” Bella hesitantly reached to shaker her hand. Angela kindly smiled at her and shood her hand with grace, reassuring to her they won’t be any problems.

“You two are new, right?” Angela raised an eyebrow in question.

“Yeah, Bella and I started today.” I answered.

“Awesome! Welcome to Forks High School.” She spoke.

“There you are!” A girl’s voice squealed from behind me. I turned around to find the same dark curly girl from last period, Stanley.

“I have been trying to catch up with you.” She spoke with catching up her breath.

“Hey Jessica, what’s up?” Angela greeted.

“Angela! You're not going to believe what this cutie has done!” Jessica spoke in excited child tone.

“What?” Angela asked.

“Desmond Conolly!” Jessica took a dep breath. “That was awesome!” She wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed on tightly, much to Bella’s disapproval.

“No one stood up me like that, such chivalry knight you are.” Jessica said in infatuated tone.

“What!” Bella frowned her eyebrows.

“I’m sorry, but I’m lost. What happened exactly?” Angela asked.

“Angela... Desmond put Mr. Varner in his place. You should have seen-” Jessica went off a tangent about earlier events. However, she adds in a few details that I did this to defend her, which was not the case. It just happened out of instinct, to protect Bella?

Angela rolled her eyes. “I’ll just take it as a grain salt, Jessica.”

“No, seriously! I’m tell you the truth. You can ask her... Isabela, right?” Jessica asked.

“Just Bella.” She said flatly.

“Right... You were there to see it, were you?” Jessica asked, hoping that Bella would back her own version, ‘Idiot! She was standing beside me the whole time.’

Bella rolled her eyes. “Yeah, it did happen, except Dez didn’t do it to stand up for Jessica. He did it because Mr. Varner was just being a typical asshole.” She clarified it to Anegla, who she hummed and nodded in understanding. Jessica frowned at Bella.

“I know that Mr. Varner can be exceedingly difficult with his teachings, but his just pushing the best out of everyone for better results.” Angela spoke in passion. So far, she seemed more opened and patient then any of the other students I’ve met today.

Jessica scoffed. “Tell that to the Cullens, they outsmarted him all the time and even Mr. Varner accused them of cheating.”

“Who’s the Cullens?” Bella curiously asked. Angela was about to explain, until the second bell rang.

“Oh, dang it! I’m going to be late for class.” Angela piqued. “Dez, Bells, why don’t you join our table during lunch?”

“That’s wonderful idea, Angela, you folks could meet the rest of our friends.” Jessica squealed in excitement. Bella and I glanced at each other and nodded in agreement.

“Great, I’ll see you guys there.” Angela waved off as she began speed walking towards her class, leaving just the three us.

“Come on, let’s go to our Spanish class.” I spoke.

“Oh! Wait, you both have Ms. Goff?” Jessica eagerly asked, tilt my head and slowly nodded.

“Sweet! That’s my next class too, come on let’s go!” Jessica grabbed each of our hands and dragged us with her.

Spanish class with Ms. Goff was more interesting and fun than Mr. Varner. Ms. Goff is one of the few teachers who seemed down to earth, nor is she strict. With the exception that she will not allow anyone speaking any other language beside Spanish. Only when communicating with her, but to the rest of us could talk in English with each other. Besides, Spanish is not a difficult language to learn, nor was it difficult for Bella as well.

However, Jessica was now bombarded with questions about us, well mostly to me. Jessica seemed extremely interested in me then she was with Bella. She does seem friendly with Bella at some moments, but I can see through her as just a way to get close to me. The class finally ended, as we all got up to leave to the cafeteria.

“So... You both have the exact same schedule, right?” Jessia cautiously asked.

“Yup...” I flatly answered.

“Wow! You must be incredibly lucky.” She narrowed her eyes at Bella.


“What’s with the watch?” Bella asked.

“Oh... it’s my time to take my medication.” I informed her, Bella blinked her eyes in surprise.

“You’re sick?” She asked.

“Y-yeah... It’s a long story.” At the once, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. My breath hitched as I placed my hand on to my chest. It feels like a sharp burning needle is slowly making its way to the arteries near my heart. I abruptly stopped as a leaned near the lockers to steady my breathing.

“Oh my god, Dez, are you okay?” Bella asked in concerned as she reaches and gently caress my face.

“Don’t worry Bella, I just need the restroom.”

I slowly made my way to nearest one but stopped to looked over my shoulder, giving them a reassuring smile.

“You two should head to lunch, I’ll be there... I promise.” I spoke gently.

“Are you sure? You don’t want to go to the nurse's office?” Jessica worriedly asked.

“I am sure.”

Bella stared at me for a moment, contemplating weather to stay or go with Jessica.

She sighs in frustration. “Fine! But if don’t see you in the cafeteria in less than ten minutes, I’m running back here to get you, am I clear?”

“Crystal clear!” I put my thumb up and smiled at her.

“Alright, see you there.” Bella finally turned to the head to the cafeteria. Jessica hesitated to follow her, but she obliged before waving at me.

I went inside the restroom to my relief; no one's was in here. Pulled out the prescription pills and removing the top seal. I can still smell the iron mix with herbs of medicine, but I have no choice. If I don’t take this, death will in around the corner, and I don’t want Bella to regret it in her life for leaving me alone. I swallowed the pills and drank water from the faucet of the restroom sinks. I know, should have brought a water bottle from home or buy one from the vending machines.

Steady breaths... Steady breaths...” I mumbled to myself.

I waited for a couple of minutes, until the pain worsened, and the sore throat has returned. I stiffed my screamed and groaned in pain. Altogether, it felt like I was experiencing a fire burning throughout my blood and organs around my chest, almost like a spontaneous human combustion. My breathing was becoming heavy as I kneeled but grabbed hold on to the marble sink preventing to fall on the ground.

“I can do this... I can do this... just breath!” I said to myself.

Looking at the digital watch to check my readings, it was 175bpm. I panicked as I gripped the sink so hard that it began cracking? I wanted to get up but felt frozen placed. The sore pain was now making its way below jaw into my tongue.

I... am... so... thirsty!” I hissed in pain.

After some time, the pain finally ceased altogether. That burning sensation has finally disappeared and to my relief, I can finally breath. Leaning to a nearby wall to catch my breath, running my hand over head and realized I was sweating. I gazed up my readings and it dropped below 120bpm. I examine the restroom, no one came in and witness what I’ve done. The sink that I was holding on to was broken in half with water leaking out. I didn’t know I can do that. I didn’t acknowledge the strength that I withhold this whole time.

‘I’m glad no one came in... I’ve already drawn some suspicions about me since Mr. Varner’s class.’ I slowly got up and made my way out of the restroom. The hallways were now empty as I was the only one standing alone.

‘How long was I in there?’ I mentally questioned myself.

I’ve made my way to the cafeteria, hopefully to have Bella ease her worriedness. While walking to the cafeteria, I was beginning to contemplate whether it was a clever idea to move into Forks, Washington. The incident with Mr. Varner and now this. ‘What the hell is going on with me?’

“Once you’ve chosen this path, my son, remember to continue feeding and never cease to it. If so, you will never die out of starvation, but the urge for blood will tame you and turn you into the monster you're afraid of.”

- Carlisle Cullen

The Long Lost Cullen - Chapter 3 - TheHunterReader - Twilight Series (2024)
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