Staying Fit on the High Seas: The Pros and Cons of Gyms on Cruise Ships (2024)

It’s summertime and for many of us that means sunny vacations. And for those exceptionally lucky folks, it’s also the chance to embark on a luxurious cruise with the sun shining, and the sea reaching as far as the eye can see. But does taking a vacation mean you have to sacrifice your fitness routine?

Absolutely not! Modern cruise ships are equipped with state-of-the-art gyms that allow you to maintain your fitness goals while enjoying your vacation. So, without further ado, let's look at the world of cruise ship gyms and weigh the pros and cons of working out while at sea.

The Perks of Cruise Ship Gyms

Access to a Gym While on Vacation

One of the biggest advantages of cruise ship gyms is the simple fact that they're there. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you should have to take a break from your fitness routine. Much like luxury hotels, cruise ships sort of act like floating fitness centers and are well-equipped with everything you need to stay on track, from cardio machines like treadmills and ellipticals to free weights and resistance training equipment.

Unbeatable Views

Many well-designed ships will have their gyms at the front (bow if we’re being nautical) which allows you to work out with the one perk that regular gyms can't really compete with: the stunning views. Imagine running on a treadmill while gazing out at the endless expanse of the ocean, or lifting weights as the sun sets over the horizon. It's a unique and inspiring backdrop that can make your workouts feel more like a privilege than a chore.

Running Tracks Around the Deck

If you’ve never been on one, many cruise ships are huge, averaging at around 1000ft in length – nearly 3 football fields long. As such, many feature running tracks that loop around the deck, offering a fantastic way to get your cardio in while soaking up the fresh sea air. What’s more, these tracks are perfect for a morning jog as the ship sails toward its next exotic destination, providing a sense of freedom that you won't find on a standard treadmill.

Avoid Gaining Weight

No matter where you’re going, cruise vacations are notorious for their all-you-can-eat buffets and endless culinary temptations in every port. But having access to a gym means you can indulge in the occasional treat without worrying about the extra calories. A quick workout can help balance out those delicious meals and keep you feeling your best.

Maintain Your Fitness Momentum and Goals

For many of us, maintaining a consistent workout routine is key to achieving our fitness goals. And taking a break, even for a week, can sometimes derail our progress. So, by working out on the ship, you can keep your momentum going and return home feeling just as fit, if not fitter, than when you left.

The Drawbacks of Cruise Ship Gyms

Hidden Charges

While most cruise ship gyms are free to use, some may come with hidden charges. There’s specialty fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, or spin might require an extra fee. As can using the ship’s onboard personal trainers. As such, it's important to check your cruise line's policy so you're not caught off guard by unexpected costs.

Limited Quantity and Range of Machines

Even the largest cruise ships have limited space, which means the gym might not have the same variety of equipment as your local fitness center. On top of that, during peak times, you might find yourself waiting for a machine to become available, which can be frustrating if you're used to a more extensive gym setup or specific workout equipment that simply isn’t there.

Can Get Busy on Sea Days

Sea days (that’s when the ship isn’t docked at a port) are often the busiest times for the gym. With no excursions to attend, many passengers will flood the fitness center. This can lead to crowded conditions and a less-than-ideal workout environment. To avoid the crowds, try hitting the gym early in the morning or later in the evening.

Motion Sickness

One unique challenge of working out on a cruise ship is the potential for motion sickness. If you're prone to seasickness, the rocking motion of the ship can make exercising difficult. That said, most people find that they adjust to the motion after a day or two. Keeping hydrated and choosing machines that are closer to the center of the ship, where movement is less noticeable, can help reduce this issue.

The Convenience of an Electric Shaker Bottle

Now that we've covered the pros and cons of cruise ship gyms themselves, let's talk about a handy tool that can make your fitness journey even smoother: an electric shaker bottle. Our shakers are perfect for mixing protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, or any other supplements you might need on the go.

Sip in the Sun

After a satisfying workout session, you can head to the deck with your PROMiXX PRO, filled with your favorite post-workout shake. Then you can find a lounge chair, sit back, and sip your drink while watching the ocean pass by. What could be a more perfect way to relax and refuel, combining the best of fitness and vacation bliss.

Easy and Convenient

PROMiXX electric shaker bottles are easy to pack and incredibly convenient. Not only does that mean no more clumps in your protein shakes or the hassle of finding a place to mix your drinks, it doesn’t take up all your precious luggage space. Simply fill it up, push a button, and enjoy a smooth, well-mixed shake wherever you are on the ship.

Stay on Track

Bringing an electric shaker bottle along on your cruise also helps you stay on track with your nutrition and hydration goals. Whether you're sipping a protein shake after a workout or a refreshing electrolyte drink while lounging by the pool, it's a great way to ensure you're getting the nutrients you need.

Set Sail for Superior Health

Look, taking a vacation doesn't mean you have to take a break from your fitness routine. And cruise ship gyms offer a unique and exciting way to stay active while enjoying your time at sea. With unbeatable views, convenient running tracks, and the ability to maintain your fitness momentum, these floating fitness centers are a fantastic addition to your vacation experience. Just be mindful of potential hidden charges, limited equipment, and the possibility of motion sickness.

Oh, and don't forget to pack the best electric shaker bottle out there! It's the perfect companion for staying hydrated and nourished while you soak up the sun and watch the waves roll by.

FAQs about Working Out on Cruise Ships

Q: Do all cruise ships have gyms?

A: Most modern cruise ships are equipped with fitness centers, though the size and range of equipment can vary. It's best to check with your specific cruise line for details on their gym facilities.

Q: Are there additional fees for using the gym on a cruise ship?

A: Generally, access to the basic gym is included in your cruise fare. However, some specialty classes or advanced equipment might come with an extra charge. Always check with your cruise line to understand what is included and what isn't.

Q: What kind of equipment can I expect to find in a cruise ship gym?

A: Cruise ship gyms typically feature a range of cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, as well as free weights, resistance machines, and sometimes even specialized equipment like rowing machines or TRX systems.

Q: When is the best time to use the gym to avoid crowds?

A: The gym can get busy during sea days and peak times such as mid-morning and late afternoon. To avoid crowds, consider working out early in the morning or later in the evening.

Q: Can I participate in fitness classes on a cruise ship?

A: Yes, many cruise ships offer fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, spinning, and aerobics. Some of these classes might be free, while others could require a small fee. Check the ship's schedule and sign up early, as classes can fill up quickly.

Q: How can I manage seasickness while working out?

A: If you’re prone to motion sickness, start with light exercises and choose machines located near the center of the ship where movement is less noticeable. Staying hydrated and taking breaks if you start to feel unwell can also help.

Q: Are there outdoor workout options on cruise ships?

A: Many cruise ships feature running tracks around the deck, outdoor fitness areas, and sometimes even sports courts for activities like basketball or volleyball. These options can provide a refreshing alternative to the indoor gym.

Q: Can I bring my own fitness equipment on board?

A: It depends. With most companies, you can bring small fitness items like resistance bands, yoga mats, or even an electric shaker bottle for your protein shakes. Just make sure they comply with the cruise line's luggage policies.

Q: How do I maintain my nutrition while on a cruise?

A: Cruises offer a wide variety of dining options, including healthy choices. You can also bring your own supplements and use an electric shaker bottle to mix protein shakes or other nutritional drinks to ensure you’re meeting your dietary needs.

Q: Is personal training available on cruise ships?

A: Some cruise ships offer personal training services for an additional fee. These sessions can be a great way to get personalized workout plans and professional guidance during your vacation.

Q: What if I’m new to working out?

A: Cruise ship gyms are designed for all fitness levels. Many ships offer beginner-friendly classes and staff members who can assist with equipment and workout tips. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

Staying Fit on the High Seas: The Pros and Cons of Gyms on Cruise Ships (2024)
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