Pre-Hardmode Swords in Terraria: Ranking the Very Best Blades (2024)

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An Introduction to Swords in Terraria's Pre-Hardmode

Terraria's Pre-Hardmode offers a variety of melee weapons to slice and dice your way through enemies, but swords reign supreme! Nothing beats the feeling of wielding an enchanted blade and vanquishing foes. Let's explore some of the finest featherweights and heavy hitters available for your Terraria Server before Hardmode.

With an array of blades to choose from, every player can find a trusty sword to match their playstyle. Whether you prefer fast and furious or slow and steady, Terraria has a Pre-Hardmode sword for you.

The trusty Copper Shortsword is where most adventures begin. This starter sword will serve you well until you stumble upon something better, like the sly Snowball Cannon or the swift Shark Tooth Necklace. For those seeking treasure, keep an eye out for the gleaming Enchanted Sword - discovering its secret hiding spot will reward you with a powerful weapon and a heart container!

If you prefer lighter blades, the Bee Keeper packs a painful sting. This rapid rapier summons bees with each strike, unleashing an angry swarm on your adversaries. For heavier hits, the fiery Volcano and the chilling Ice Blade are fantastic options. However, the Night's Edge, forged from the finest swords, is the mightiest of all. This formidable blade makes mincemeat of most Pre-Hardmode bosses.The fun's just begun - The Best Hardmode Swords await!

#5 The Enchanted Sword - A Mysterious Underground Find

This elusive blade is tricky to find but oh so rewarding! To uncover this gem, you'll need to generate a specific world seed and dig deep underground. But the hunt is part of the fun.

Once you input the seed, start digging around the spawn point. This mystical sword can appear anywhere from just below the surface all the way down to the cavern layer, so grab your best pickaxe and get ready to do some serious spelunking! The sword shrine usually has a long shaft heading straight down, making it easier to spot as you're caving.

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When you finally stumble upon the shrine and grab that enchanted blade, you'll be slicing through enemies in no time. This powerful weapon has an increased chance for enemy drops and deals more damage than most pre-Hardmode shortswords. The blue glow gives it a magical quality and really sets the mood as you're exploring underground.

The rarity and unique properties of the Enchanted Sword make it a highly sought-after find for any Terraria player. While it may take patience and determination, discovering this hidden gem on your own world is an accomplishment you won't soon forget! Overall an exciting weapon that will carry you far into pre-Hardmode.

#4 The Starfury - Summoning the Power of the Heavens

The Starfury is one of the coolest swords you can get your hands on in Terraria's pre-hardmode! This mystical blade summons a star to smite your foes from the heavens above. Talk about wielding the power of the cosmos!

To get your starry sword, you'll need to do some sky island exploring. Skyware Chests and Sky Crates found on the floating islands dotted around your world's sky have a chance to contain this celestial slicer. Once you've got one, swing it at your enemies and watch as a star falls from the sky, piercing up to two baddies with a single summon!

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The Starfury may not have the highest base damage of the pre-hardmode blades, but its ability to hit multiple enemies at once more than makes up for it. Use it to quickly clear out hordes of zombies, slimes and demon eyes as you adventure across the surface. The star falls fast too, so you can swiftly summon multiple stars for some serious damage in a short time.

When battling bosses, the Starfury truly shines (pun intended!). Its piercing star hits multiple parts of larger enemies, and falling stars will continue to hit even when you're dodging attacks. Stand under Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu and summon a starstorm to shred through their health. The Wall of Flesh will fall from the sky in no time under a barrage of your blade's celestial onslaught!

#3 The Volcano - Setting the World Ablaze

The Volcano is one seriously hot sword, setting both enemies and the night on fire! This fiery blade has the second-highest damage of all melee weapons before Hardmode. The Volcano literally lights up the night, emitting fiery light particles when swung.

This beast of a blade can only be found in Shadow Chests in the Underworld, so you’ll have to brave the depths to obtain it. Once you have it in your hot little hands though, the power is worth the peril! With 70 damage and Very Fast speed, the Volcano melts through enemies like butter. Pair its high damage with the On Fire! debuff and foes will be vanquished in a blaze of glory.

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For maximum fiery fun, consider combining the Volcano with Molten armour, an Obsidian Shield, and a Flask of Fire. You’ll be an unstoppable force of flame, igniting all who stand in your way! The Volcano is hands-down one of the hottest swords in Terraria, perfect for players who like their weapons red-hot.

#2 The Muramasa - Crafting a Legend

Are you ready to craft a legend? The Muramasa is one of the most iconic swords in Terraria and a must-have for any aspiring hero. Once you’ve proven your worth by defeating the sinister Skeletron, the Dungeon’s locked chests will yield this powerful prize.

To craft the Muramasa, you first need to defeat Skeletron to access the Dungeon. The Muramasa sword has a 25% chance to drop from any Dungeon enemy. When one drops, grab it and get ready to craft the almighty Night’s Edge!

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Finding the Muramasa in those first locked Dungeon chests feels like uncovering a legendary relic. It marks your transition into a more advanced player, ready to take on bigger challenges. Even after you’ve moved onto greater things, the memory of obtaining this iconic blade will stay with you. The Muramasa represents the start of your epic quest to vanquish the forces of evil.

#1 - Night's Edge - The Ultimate Sword

The Night's Edge is hands down the most powerful sword you can get your hands on before Hardmode. This menacing weapon has the highest base damage of any pre-Hardmode blade in Terraria. Skeletron better watch out, because with this sword in your hands his bony behind is grass!

To craft the Night's Edge, you'll need to combine the Muramasa, the Blade of Grass, the Volcano, and the Light's Bane at an Iron Anvil. Each component sword is dropped by dangerous bosses, so acquiring this epic blade is no easy feat. But once you have all the parts, the Night's Edge is yours - and so is victory!

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With fast speed, high knockback, and an insanely high base damage of 42, the Night's Edge will slice through any enemy in your path. Use its special ability to shoot out damaging sword beams that pass through blocks. This broadsword's wide swing also allows you to take out multiple foes at once.

The Night's Edge is also essential for crafting an even more powerful sword later on. But for now, there's no blade that can match the Night's Edge. With this sword in your hands, you'll be the most dangerous thing in Terraria!

Pre-Hardmode Swords in Terraria: Ranking the Very Best Blades (2024)
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