Dog the Bounty Hunter has (fun) Fort Myers police encounter. Is he from Southwest Florida? (2024)

It's not always a celebration when you come across a bounty hunter. Especially when it's Duane Chapman, more commonly as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

However, Fort Myers Police officers gleefully shared their experience running into the reality show star while he was in town.

"You never know who you are going to run into on the job," officers shared on social media, posing with Chapman. The television star secured a large and loyal fanbase with his various shows over the years, chronicling the life of a bounty hunter and his family in their everyday lives.

Get to know Dog and Francie Chapman:The new residents of Marco Island talk to Naples Daily News

Where was Dog the Bounty Hunter spotted?

According to the post, Chapman wasattending Veterans Court as a special guest when law enforcement ran into him.

Does Dog the Bounty Hunter live in Southwest Florida?

While the bounty hunter hails originally from Colorado, Chapman and his wife, Francie, are residents of Marco Island. Francie told the Naples Daily News in March that they have been heavily involved in community, especially for various churches throughout Naples.

"The people are just wonderful here and we're starting to build community and get plugged in … everybody has just been so incredible. It has amazed and floored me how embracive people are over what we're doing," Chapman said

Why did the pair move to Marco Island?

Dog the Bounty Hunter has (fun) Fort Myers police encounter. Is he from Southwest Florida? (2)

Francie Chapman revealed that there were several reasons why they chose Marco Island as their new home, besides the warm weather and even warmer community. She highlighted her best friend, author Katie Souza, and her work.

After coming down several times to speak at Souza Ministries and appear on Marco Island-based Faith TV, they were able to connect with those helping abused and trafficked women in the community.

"We just started feeling like God was calling us down here to be the place where we would bring our ministries together, Katie's ministry and the Dog Foundation … we created the House of Bounty and we're feeling like God was calling us all down here to help abused women and help trafficked women get healed … All three of us, Dog and Katie and I," Francie said. "We said all right. We feel like we're being called to this so we're all in and we're going to make a move together and come to Florida, so since Faith TV is already on Marco, that's how we decided to land here.

Back in March, it was also revealed that the Chapmans were in the process of purchasing 5 acres of land in Naples for one of the first Houses of Bounty.

"We're building whole houses and we have a program that will be in stages and the girls would be in the program for 18 months, so they would live there and they would go through stages of the program and graduate to different levels," Francie Chapman said to the Naples Daily News. "We want to help them be able to get healed and whole and get out of the life and get out of their abusive situations and help find what their destinies are."

She said they will help women in a variety of different abusive situations. Since it's not rehab, the girls will need to have gone through detox and they have to be clean already before they come to them.

They have already seen an outpouring of support for their program and even had members of the Marco Island community reach out to help. She had said it was great to see and that doing this work for women means a lot to her.

Where else has Dog the Bounty Hunter been spotted in SWFL?

Dog the Bounty Hunter has (fun) Fort Myers police encounter. Is he from Southwest Florida? (3)

Those who frequent Facebook and other social media are familiar with the occasional Dog and Francie spotting. The couple are regulars at several eateries in Southwest Florida.

Back in April, Sami's Pizza and Grill owner Sami Rahman said the two come to his popular pizzeria often and are "some of the nicest people I have met."

"We recognized him on the spot because he was a very unique guy; whenever he comes in, people love to talk to him," Rahman said. "(He) deals with a lot of people, people having dinner, people taking pictures with him. He's always happy to take pictures and talk to people."

So, what's Dog's favorite dish? Rahman said it's the lobster ravioli with brandy cream sauce.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has (fun) Fort Myers police encounter. Is he from Southwest Florida? (2024)
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