8 Summer Nail Trends You Should Start Wearing Immediately (2024)

As we’ve seen nail trends come and go over the past few years, one thing has become clear: Everyone gets excited about a nail idea that feels fun and fresh. (Ahem, does anyone else remember the summer of glazed-doughnut nails?) And according to nail artist Aja Walton, we’ve got a lot to look forward to when it comes to summer 2024 nail trends.

This year, expect the unexpected when it comes to nail art, designs, and shapes. We’re predicting unique new shapes (see “Russian almond” below), kitschy designs, pastel tones, and mega nail art. Keep scrolling for all of our summer 2024 nail trend predictions, straight from Walton.

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1. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Metallic Jelly Nails

According to Walton, “metallic accents—in shades of silver chrome, rose gold, and copper—over jelly nudes” will be one of the biggest new trends of summer 2024. And luckily, there are a ~handful~ of ways to get the look for yourself. “These clear and often multicolor-shifting shades give a beam-like shine in popular purples and blues,” she says.

Try sandwiching a chrome or metallic nail polish with a jelly polish to achieve that sheer look with lots of shimmer and shine. “Apply one coat of a translucent or jelly color, followed by one coat of chrome-effect polish or powder,” says Walton. “Then layer with another coat of the same jelly polish.” You can also try this with magnetic polish if you want a more velvety or cat-eye vibe rather than shine.

Cirque Colors Morningtide Jelly Nail Polish

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2. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Clean, Fresh Cuticles

Sometimes the chicest nail look is one that makes your nails and skin look healthy AF. This summer, minimal nail designs and nude nail polishes will get a big upgrade when paired with moisturized, clean cuticles and hands. Grab yourself a manicure set to help groom your cuticles at home—but leave cuticle cutting to the pros to avoid any nicks or cuts—and make sure to load on cuticle oil daily and nail strengtheners in between polish. FWIW, I’m legit obsessed with this nail strengthener rn:

CND RESCUERXx Daily Keratin Treatment

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3. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Russian Almond Shape

Practical? No. Worth it? 100%. “The Russian almond nail shape is a variation of the classic almond shape but with a more pronounced, elongated, and tapered tip,” says Walton. Think of it like a marriage of almond and stiletto nails. “Its pointed yet slightly rounded edges are achieved by filing the sides of the nail into a pointed tip while maintaining a soft curve along the edges.”

4. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Pastel Nail Colors

Tell the eye-popping brights to back off. “This summer, soft and delicate pastels will gain popularity with baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon leading the palette,” says Walton. It’s fresh and fun for summertime without the intensity of the brights and neons we’re used to seeing in the warm months. I’m personally loving the bright pistachio, minty shade above, like...

Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple

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5. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Dripped French Tips

French tips will never go out of style, but every year, we find a brand-spanking-new spin on the classic to make it feel modern. 2024’s take? These drippy French tips in a gold chrome by nail artist Gina Edwards for the Prabal Gurung spring/summer 2024 show. If you’re DIYing, feel free to opt for a shimmery gold polish and create imperfect French tips (no need for any hacks here—the sloppier, the better).

But if you want to also go for this ultra-shiny, 3D look by Edwards, head to the salon and ask your artist to create these swirly tips with soft gel, then go over them with gold chrome powder.

OPI OPI Infinite Shine in Five Golden Flings

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6. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Cherry Nail Designs

Kitschy nail art will reign supreme this summer, including these adorable cherry nails, says Walton. But feel free to tailor this to your ~vibes~ with fruits, lil cute insects, magic eight balls, or whatever your heart desires. If you’re a real Van Gogh, you can casually paint these on your nails, but if not, no biggie—just stick on a nail decal.

Bellecrey Cherry Nails Art Stickers

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7. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Aqua Nail Colors

Think beach. “Also gaining in popularity are ocean blues and greens like aqua, seafoam and cobalt blue, especially in a monochromatic fashion,” says Walton. Which is why I’ll be donning my nails in this stunning, vivid aqua shade from China Glaze (shop below), which feels so summery and festive. But if you’re just looking to, ahem, dip your fingers in the trend, try it with some French tips.

China Glaze Nail Polish in Too Yacht To Handle

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8. Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Puffy Nail Art

Walton predicts the puffy, 3D nail art trend will only getting bigger this summer, such as the cute hearts above. Generally, though, your best bet is heading to a nail artist who can create these with soft gel, then cure them with the UV nail lamp so they don’t budge. Heads-up: Make sure to bring lots of examples from IG to your nail artist. Plus, it’s always good practice to let your artist know when you make the appointment that you want a more ~laborious~ nail design so they can plan ahead properly for timing.

Meet the expert:

  • Aja Walton is a celebrity and editorial nail artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She’s worked on Victoria Monét, Keke Palmer, and Dominique Fishback.

Why trust Cosmopolitan?

Beth Gillette is the beauty editor at Cosmopolitan with nearly six years of experience researching, writing, and editing nail stories that range from winter nail colors to dip powder nails. She’s an authority in all nail categories but an expert when it comes to summer nail trends from researching the biggest nail trends and consulting experts.

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Beth Gillette

Beth Gillette is the beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covers skincare, makeup, hair, nails, and more across digital and print. She can generally be found in bright eyeshadow furiously typing her latest feature or hemming and hawing about a new product you "have to try." Prior to Cosmopolitan, she wrote and edited beauty content as an Editor at The Everygirl for four years. Follow her on Instagram for makeup selfies and a new hair 'do every few months.

8 Summer Nail Trends You Should Start Wearing Immediately (2024)


8 Summer Nail Trends You Should Start Wearing Immediately? ›

Jelly nail trends are really taking off for the summer of 2024,” says Choi. She speaks to the versatility of jellies, adding that they can be bright, neutral, or pastel. “The recent Met Gala showcased numerous stunning jelly nail looks, and I had the privilege of creating three out of four of them.”

What is the nail trend in summer 2024? ›

Jelly nail trends are really taking off for the summer of 2024,” says Choi. She speaks to the versatility of jellies, adding that they can be bright, neutral, or pastel. “The recent Met Gala showcased numerous stunning jelly nail looks, and I had the privilege of creating three out of four of them.”

What is the summer trend nail color? ›

A new breed of colors and updated iterations from last season will be in heavy rotation this summer. Butter yellow will grace nails at the beach and poolside, while popular aquatic shades of blue and green, and a new spin on jelly nails, are sure to serve looks at summertime barbecues.

What is the new nail trend? ›

Discover the freshest nail trend that you are about to start seeing everywhere in 2024… Soap Nails! The Soap Nail look draws inspiration from the “clean girl”, “vanilla girl”, and “quit luxury” aesthetics to create a manicure that is simple and easy to maintain, yet elegant and opulent.

What nail shape is 2024? ›

When it comes to nail shapes, the latest trends for 2024 are all about making a statement. From the sharp and bold stiletto and coffin shapes to the elegant almond and deep square silhouettes, elongated nails are taking center stage.

What are the nail trends for 2025? ›

Looking ahead to 2025, nail trends are expected to take a more adventurous turn. One of the most anticipated trends is the use of vibrant, neon colors. These striking hues are a nod to the bold fashion trends of the 80s and are perfect for making a statement. Another trend on the rise is the 'mixed media' nail art.

What is the best color for a pedicure in summer 2024? ›

Hannah Mankin is a manicurist for Dazzle Dry.
  • 01 of 08. Butter Yellow. Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in 129 Ovni $32.00. ...
  • 02 of 08. Light Blue. ...
  • 03 of 08. Metallic Purple. ...
  • 04 of 08. Milky White. ...
  • 05 of 08. Pale Peach. ...
  • 06 of 08. Neon Colors. ...
  • 07 of 08. Baby Pink. ...
  • 08 of 08. Bright Red.
May 10, 2024

What color toes for summer? ›

IMO, white polish has the unique ability to enhance a sun-kissed tan — and Knight agrees. She predicts the polish shade will thrive throughout the upcoming summer months. “White nail polish complements any outfit, giving off a fresh look that brightens your toes. Whether it's for beach days or a formal event.”

What are the best beach nail colors? ›

Opt for neutral shades like nude, beige, or soft pastels for a refined and polished look. Consider adding subtle nail art accents, such as delicate white or gold details, for a touch of luxury. Embrace simplicity and let your nails showcase your graceful style as you indulge in the beauty of the beach.

What is the rich girl nail trend? ›

"Rich girl" nails don't necessarily have to be nude in tone—they just have to be neutral to effortlessly go with everything. With this in mind, a subtle, shimmery white nail look can qualify as a "rich girl" manicure, too.

What nail color is in right now? ›

Earthy Tones: Natural and earthy nail polish colors are in vogue this year. These muted and understated shades, such as warm browns and soft greens, provide a more relaxed and organic look, perfect for those who prefer a minimalist and nature-inspired style.

What nail shape is in now? ›

Almond nails aren't the only rounded style gaining attention: Nguyen says that short-to-medium-length oval nails are trending, too. They closely resemble almond nails; the major difference is that the oval has a wider base and softer, rounded tips, giving it a slightly more natural look.

What do coffin nails look like? ›

The coffin shape starts wide at the base and then slowly becomes narrower at the top. They then tapper off to a squared-off tip, giving your nails the shape of a coffin or ballerina pointe shoes, hence the name "coffin nails" (or ballerina nails, as they are otherwise called.)

What are jelly nails? ›

The purpose of this look is to get an ultra-shiny manicure that has a transparent finish, almost like stained glass. While it might look complex, this unique nail trend is surprisingly easy to achieve and can be done using any color to match your personal style.

Which nail shape is elegant? ›

If you prefer a classic and elegant look, you may want to choose a round or oval shape. If you prefer a more edgy or dramatic look, you may want to choose a square, stiletto, or coffin shape.

Are ombre nails in style in 2024? ›

Los Angeles-based Celebrity Nail Artist, Queenie Nguyen predicts, “ombré nails with a white chrome topping” to be on trend for 2024. “The chrome finish will add a unique touch to the classic ombré nails,” she adds.

What color nails to wear in February 2024? ›

This month marks the transition from winter to spring, and it's the perfect time to embrace soft and pastel shades. Try a lovely lavender or lilac color to capture the essence of blooming flowers. Alternatively, opt for a mint green or baby blue hue to create a refreshing and calming manicure.

What nail shape is trending? ›

Almond. According to our trio of manicurist sources, the almond-shaped manicure is the must-have nail look to covet this year. For those new to the nail shape, it features narrow sides and a rounded tip with a subtle point.

What nail color is trending now? ›

Milky White

This colour is ideal for those who prefer a more neutral look, and the best bit is that it won't clash with anything in your wardrobe. This shade complements both gold and silver jewellery and will make your manicure look so elevated.

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