2024's Biggest Nail Trends Have Something For Everyone (2024)

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2024's Biggest Nail Trends Have Something For Everyone (1)

Every year, we get excited about new beauty trends. This past year, nail art flourished, paving the way for next year to be even more epic. Given the nature of at-home manicures and the limitations of our own amateur nail skills (which, we will admit, did mildly improve during the past few years), we're ready to enlist the expertise of professionals to help us try all the newest nail trends of 2024.

That's why we asked the industry's top manicurists to share all the fun nail trends you'll be seeing everywhere this year, and their answers have us eager to change up our manicures ASAP. To preview, you can expect to see bold hues and moody colors among the top nail-color trends of the year, in addition to muted looks like "old money" nails; experiment with fun finishes with cat-eye nails; and load up on intricate embellishments. The best part is there's something for everyone: dark, goth-inspired nails à la Wednesday Addams; aura designs to suit your every mood; and so much more.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for popular nails to take with you to your next salon appointment or searching for nail trends you can do on your own at home, we've got you covered. Keep reading to see new nail styles worth trying in 2024. We guarantee you'll find a set of trendy nails that you love.

— Additional reporting by Renee Rodriguez

Naked French Tips

Over the past year, french manicures have had a major resurgence. The latest trend, "naked french tips," is all about your nails but better. The look is a mix of a diffused french manicure and your natural nails. "This makes it look like a natural nail, as if you've got nothing but clear polish on, while still covering any imperfections," Vanessa Sanchez-McCullough, celebrity nail artist, previously told POPSUGAR.

Cat-Eye Nails

Cat-eye nails are truly mesmerizing. The nail trend has a velvet-like finish and can be paired with any color of polish that you choose.

Coquette Nails

The viral "coquette aesthetic" from TikTok is influencing every area of our look. "Coquette nails are all about tapping into your ethereal, hyper-feminine side by using specific colors, patterns, and embellishments," Rianna Basurto, marketing specialist for the salon Bellacures, previously POPSUGAR. The manicures typically feature bows, pearls, and shades of pink.

Aura Nails

You've probably seen aura nails on your social media feed at least once in 2023, but it's predicted to be huge in the next year. "The style features a circular ombre effect that emulates a glowing aura," Pattie Yankee, consulting manicurist for Dashing Diva, says. Not only is it stunning, but it's easy enough to re-create at home on your own.

To be clear: aura nails don't have to feature your actual accurate aura reading, but rather utilize colors that mimic the colors of the body's chakras and energy fields. (Think swirls of colors that diffuse outward, starting in the middle.)

Rita Pinto, founder of Vanity Projects nail salon, previously told POPSUGAR: "It's very New Age meets Gen Z because the colors of the manicures are way more interpretive and expansive than the usual aura-chart colors. I've also heard them be referred to as 'color trips' in the salon by clients."

Chrome Nails

Perhaps the biggest trend in 2023 was chrome nails, and that will continue into the next year. "It won't be a surprise to see chrome or metallic nails all over," says manicurist and LeChat nails educator Hemi Park. Expect to see chrome finishes across a range of different colors — silver, gold, blue, and pink, to name a few.

Like any other nail design, chrome can be used on the entire nail or as part of a nail art look — like french manicures, stars, and more — and the latter take will be a new twist on the trend you'll see a lot of in 2024.

Junk Nails

The beauty of "junk nails" is that they can be whatever you want them to be. "This nail craze captivates a fusion of vibrant hues; 3D elements like rhinestones, beads, glitter; and eccentric nail art," Liana Thomson, nail expert at Nails.co.uk, previously told POPSUGAR.

Rich-Girl Nails

Rich-girl nails are proving to be a popular nail style for 2023 after stars like Jennifer Lopez, Marsai Martin, and Hailee Steinfeld wore the look. The manicure is minimal, clean, and very chic. "'Rich girl' nails are a modern take on a sophisticated classic," celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik previously told POPSUGAR. "[The] color is a creamy, full-coverage nude playing homage to the greige inspiration originally seen with Chanel."

Because the rich-girl nail trend is all about the color, you can wear it in any shape. They're perfect for year-round wear, thanks to the minimal style.

2024's Biggest Nail Trends Have Something For Everyone (2024)


2024's Biggest Nail Trends Have Something For Everyone? ›

Summer 2024 Nail Trend: Metallic Jelly Nails

What is the nail trend for 2024? ›

And according to Jin Soon Choi, famed nail artist and founder of JINsoon nail spas, we'll see one overarching trend for summer 2024. “Jelly nail trends are really taking off for the summer of 2024,” says Choi. She speaks to the versatility of jellies, adding that they can be bright, neutral, or pastel.

What nail polish will be in summer collection 2024? ›

Summer nail colors 2024

This collection includes a variety of colors that contrast and complement each other, perfect for creating stylish nail designs. Why not try pink with peach, or peach with lavender? Go for the mismatched 'skittle manicure' look, flaunting several gel polish colors at once, a hot trend for 2024!

What color are toenails in summer 2024? ›

This season, nail experts like Deborah Lippman, Juanita Huber-Millet, and Hannah Mankin predict a rise in bright, poppy colors and even unexpected metallic shades. Ahead, read all of their pedicure color trends for summer 2024. Deborah Lippman is a celebrity manicurist and the founder of her eponymous nail polish line.

What color nails for february 2024? ›

This month marks the transition from winter to spring, and it's the perfect time to embrace soft and pastel shades. Try a lovely lavender or lilac color to capture the essence of blooming flowers. Alternatively, opt for a mint green or baby blue hue to create a refreshing and calming manicure.

Are ombre nails in style in 2024? ›

Chrome Effect

Los Angeles-based Celebrity Nail Artist, Queenie Nguyen predicts, “ombré nails with a white chrome topping” to be on trend for 2024. “The chrome finish will add a unique touch to the classic ombré nails,” she adds.

What is the chrome nail trend in 2024? ›

Chrome Nails continue to reign supreme in 2024, offering a dazzling array of options to express your client's unique style. What makes Chrome Nails so enticing this year is the artful fusion of chrome as an underlay with mesmerising accents and gems.

What color nails for March 2024? ›

Trendy March 2024 Acrylic Nails: Bold and Beautiful - Stay on trend in March 2024 with bold and beautiful acrylic nails. Experiment with vibrant colors like dark reds and rich purples, or try trendy designs like marble effects or geometric patterns.

What are the butter yellow nails for 2024? ›

The Butter Yellow Nail Trend for Summer 2024

Whether it's a soft pastel hue or a slightly deeper shade reminiscent of golden hour, butter-yellow nails effortlessly elevate any look with a touch of whimsy. One of the most appealing aspects of the butter yellow nail trend is its versatility.

What color pedicure goes with everything? ›

Nude or Beige

It has a refined and tidy appearance that complements any color scheme. Beige or nude nails look elegant and classic, offering them a flexible option for any setting. These hues also give the fingers a more elongated, refined appearance.

Do toes and fingernails have to match? ›

Simply put, no – you mani and pedi doesn't have to match. Back in the day, it used to be mandatory to match the colour on your fingernails to your toes but, over the years this trend has become predictable and a little boring too.

What is the hottest nail color for the summer? ›

We're talking bright and vibrant shades like bubble gum pink, bright reds, neon orange, or baby blues. For minimalists and creatures of habit, you'll find rich creamy neutrals and classic colors that will still make your nails pop.

What are the trends in the nail market? ›

Sustainable nail practices are becoming a significant trend in today's eco-conscious era. As a nail technician, you can focus on recyclable materials, X-free polishes, and environmentally friendly techniques. prioritize environmental sustainability and health-conscious ingredients.

What nail shape is Gen Z? ›

A Gen Z loves an almond or stiletto shaped nail. and they often have like a cute. quirky nail art with them as well.

What is the most popular nail shape? ›

On an oval nail shape a fingernail is rounded on the top and then tapers to a point at the tip. It is one of the most popular nail shapes as it provides a balanced and natural look.

Are almond nails out? ›

When we think of nail trends, usually what springs to mind first is whizzy nail art, bright colours and French manicures – but have you given much thought to the shape of your nails? Almond nails are the latest fad to hit salons this year, having been the shape of choice amongst celebrities throughout 2023.

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